Contribution HERSS Summer School 2021

In her presentation at the HERSS Summer School 2021, Sarah-Rebecca Kienast will present and discuss the theory and hypotheses of her third dissertation paper "How does Research Collaboration link to Organizational Characteristics? The case of German Universities." The Summer School takes place online: September 6th – September 10th

How do you do theory? While the craft of methods and empirical work more generally is often made explicit in higher education research and science studies, theory work usually remains implicit. The aim of the summer school is to make explicit how we work with theories, and how we make them work. We would like to discuss the craft of theorizing, explore routines and strategies of doing theory, think about opportunities and blind spots of theory work, and uncover the positions and relations theories can have in our research. The summer school will give early career researchers in higher education research and science studies the opportunity of a reflexive hands-on approach to theory. It will provide a context to reflect the theory work in one’s own research and discuss it with eminent scholars of theorizing in the fields of higher education research and science studies and beyond.


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Leibniz Universität Hannover